Submission Guidelines

Mnumzaan performed in Barrydale, South Africa 2020. (Photo courtesy Aja Marneweck)

Puppetry International Research welcomes empirical and theoretical peer-reviewed articles, as well as critical book and performance reviews, and field reports. All articles are published in English. If the contribution is in another language, the original and an English translation are requested. The recommended length for manuscripts is 6,000-8,000 words for articles (including endnotes), 4,000-6,000 words for reports, 800-1,500 for reviews.

Authors are requested to submit a digital copy via e-mail to Claudia Orenstein at Manuscripts should be typed and double-spaced throughout, including notes and references cited, and in conformance with The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition. Manuscripts should be prepared with endnotes typed into the text file and follow the author-date (or parenthetical reference) system of documentation. Foreign titles (of plays as well as reference works) should be italicized and, wherever possible, provided with an English translation following the original. 

PIR is a refereed journal, authors are advised to supply their names only on the cover page and not in the text proper. They should include a short bio and abstract as a separate document. Authors should submit photos and illustrations only after the text has been accepted, not as part of the original file. When they are eventually submitted, images should be submitted in separate, high resolution files, (not embedded in the text), and clearly labeled to correspond to indications in the text noting where they should be placed. Insertion indications in the text should include helpful captions and photo credits. Authors are responsible for securing photo publication permissions.

All manuscripts and inquiries should be sent to Claudia Orenstein, Editor at

For Book Reviews, contact Book Review Editor, Skye Strauss at

For Performance Reviews, contact Performance Review Editor, Colette Searls at

Relevant announcements may be sent to Claudia Orenstein, Editor at for possible posting.